How We Get You There

Transform develops value-driven communicators through a range of services that empower teams in setting clear boundaries and limits, managing expectations and establishing the fact that customers also have responsibility and accountability in the cost-effective creation of deliverables.

Communications audit/PM analysis

  • Profile customers, typical projects, organizational environment, etc.
  • Interview key staff and selected customers
  • Determine baseline cost and schedule performance
  • Consider workflow, bottlenecks, recurring issues, quality levels, etc.

Design/Implementation of PM processes & toolsets

  • Branded project development processes and value-improving practices
  • Project charter templates and planning tools
  • Intranet websites as a primary “point-of-entry”/information source for clients, electronic forms, job tracking, etc.

Training workshops/staff development

  • Introduce the four guiding principles of strategic PM and their application to print, web, video, events and other creative projects.
  • Provide basic skills for estimating, scheduling and planning
  • Share techniques in account management/interpersonal skills for dealing with clients

Strategic Project Planning workshops

  • Intensive kick-off training/planning workshop for internal customers, resource teams and external vendors to clarify business objectives, assess project risks, determine critical path items, define roles/responsibilities, establish timelines and milestone schedule, etc.
  • These workshops bring together everyone involved across the entire project lifecycle to create a detailed project roadmap designed to increase the chances for project success