Value-Driven Communications


Attention in-house creative departments: stop taking orders from clients and take back the power to do great work for your organization. Become a value-driven communicator!

It’s the ever-present danger for agencies and in-house Client Services teams everywhere— to end up as second-class corporate citizens expected to crank out their work in the face of unreasonable deadlines, unrealistic expectations and unmanageable internal clients. Talent gets wasted, the best ideas never leave the drawing board and projects routinely run over-budget and over-schedule.

Now, you can stop the madness and level the playing field with clients. The solution is a disciplined, value-driven business methodology applied to the development of client services teams, infrastructure and creative projects, day in and day out.

Value-Driven Communications combines the best practices of professional project management with elements of Information Architecture, Knowledge Management and something we’ve dubbed Inspiration Design. What emerges is a process that maximizes both professional rewards and business results. And, it enables client services teams to contribute their full potential to the success of the organizations they serve. Everybody wins!

For everyone who’s ever yelled, “Stop The Presses!”… made a logo change based on a comment by the client’s boss’s wife… or sent a run of annual reports straight to the shredder.

“Having this business framework in place has led to a dramatic decrease in the number of revision cycles on all our projects for internal clients. Productivity is up and so is morale. It’s the best combination a manager could ask for.”

Creative Services Manager

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