Strategic Initiatives


You can’t launch the Next Big Thing with the same old song-and-dance. Sophisticated strategic initiatives require finely-tuned communications that captivate and fully engage everyone on whom success depends.

The fundamental risk is this: to the extent that stakeholders at any level of the organization fail to understand, appreciate, participate in and, ultimately, own the initiative completely, it will fall short of its objectives. This gap between potential benefits and posted results is what we define as the Cost of Confusion. A risk-based communications strategy is the most effective means of closing that gap.

Creativity counts, too – the way the organization communicates is almost as important as what it communicates. The “secret sauce” is in managing the quality, consistency, clarity and impact of communications from the outset. Here is what the right communications approach can “say” to the rest of the organization:

  • We take this investment in improving our performance seriously and will conduct every aspect of it professionally
  • We value and respect your need-to-know what this effort is all about and what it will do for you as individuals as well as for us as a company
  • We’re committed to helping you understand and appreciate this complex undertaking, and we will supply you with the knowledge, information and tools you need to navigate the required changes successfully

Forget the double-spaced memos and three-ring binders. We turn strategic initiatives into compelling internal brands that engage your workforce and deliver their promised ROI directly to the bottom line.

Rich has a gift for finding simplicity on the far side of complexity. The suite of communications and learning tools he and his team developed enabled us to turn a promising project management initiative into a lasting competitive advantage.

– Jeff Heath
Marathon Project Management Group