Bootstrap Branding


That’s what old friend and drummer Steve “Smitty” Schmitz used to say every time our band got ready to take the stage and rock the house. Two decades later, those words still convey the essence of what it means to express an authentic brand.

Today, there’s one more imperative to add: make sure they know what makes you different from everybody else.

Everyone can claim to have the greatest people, the most innovative products and the best service. So what? The secret of an authentic brand lies in finding what your organization can say truthfully about itself that is so unique no competitor can make the same claim for itself.

Transform’s three-phase branding methodology unlocks the power of an authentic brand.


If your organization is ready to tell the world who you are and what you stand for, download Bootstrap Branding. Then, contact us and get ready to make your mark.

Ever since Rich guided us to discover and express a higher vision of ourselves in the workplace, we’ve operated from that place on a daily basis and watched amazing things happen with customers, coworkers and business partners.

– Laura Bernstein, President
VisionPoint, Inc.