DNA & Approach

At the firm’s core is a methodology in which “strategic communication meets risk management.” We set out to uncover every critical issue that stands between clients and their success.

This disciplined approach yields keen insight into complex business and technology issues, and drives development of high impact branding, marketing, knowledge management, business transformation, organizational development, strategic planning and more.


Analyze Stakeholder Groups

• Identify groups with “make-or-break” impact
• Consider obstacles/threats each group presents
• Assess the need-to-know (what/how/why) that each group requires to engage it in overall success



Make the complex clear and useful

• Determine prerequisite foundation for learning
• Develop conceptual structure for content
• Clearly illustrate workflows/organizational links
• Communicate Big Picture and multiple overlays



Deliver the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time

• Design stakeholder-matched content
• Use multiple information packages
• Incorporate a variety of channels and media
• Optimize timing, amount and level of detail



Foster Inspiration and Provide Incentive

• Engage people in the vision for success
• Focus on “what’s in it for me?”
• Clarify the stakes & opportunities
• Manage expectations continually