Point of Difference

Authentic brands. Messages that cut through the clutter and close the sale. Clear, concise information that empowers people to make better decisions, faster. These are the new essentials for success in the age of Information Overload. And, they go the heart of what makes Transform Communications tick.

Like the happy accident that got peanut butter introduced to chocolate, Transform arose from a collision between marketing communications and risk management.

RL Red Tie

A Quick Study. At the core of every successful engagement is Rich’s aptitude for distilling complex business, technology and organizational issues quickly and knowledgeably. The first clue that this is a different brand of consultant comes not from the answers Rich provides, but from the questions he asks. Other consultants spend weeks and months trying to comprehend the essentials that Rich and his team often tease out of initial conversations.

In an industry driven by billable hours, Transform Communications still does business the old-fashioned way – genuinely dedicated to making a difference.

“Richard immediately shows a depth and dimension of understanding the most complex and subtle infrastructural relationships, realizing their potentials, and communicating this in a simple, direct manner. He is equally adept in verbal and visual media, reinforcing the delivery of the message to a diverse audience.”

David Kahl, President