1. Point of Difference

Authentic brands. Messages that cut through the clutter and close the sale. Clear, concise information that empowers people to make better decisions, faster. These are the new essentials for success in the age of Information Overload....

2. Bootstrap Branding

That’s what old friend and drummer Steve “Smitty” Schmitz used to say every time our band got ready to take the stage and rock the house. Two decades later, those words still convey the essence of what it means to express an...

3. Strategic Initiatives

You can’t launch the Next Big Thing with the same old song-and-dance. Sophisticated strategic initiatives require finely-tuned communications that captivate and fully engage everyone on whom success depends. The fundamental risk...

4. Value-Driven Communications

Attention in-house creative departments: stop taking orders from clients and take back the power to do great work for your organization. Become a value-driven communicator! It’s the ever-present danger for agencies and in-house...
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Too Close for Comfort

Too Close for Comfort

Not every product requires personalized service Her name is Katie. And I’m breaking her heart. I warned her this might happen. “I can’t be one of your a frequent customers,” I wrote in response...
They Glazed Over Like a Christmas Ham

They Glazed Over Like a Christmas Ham

As the benefits program consultants tried to explain stop loss coverage and utilization rates, I watched the audience of blue-collar decision makers glaze over like a proverbial Christmas ham. The executive...
When Sweet Spots Collide

When Sweet Spots Collide

Leaving the gym today, I noticed the in-house smoothie/snack bar was closed – again. I realized that in 20 plus years of regular gym membership around the country, I have never seen one of these...
Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day

“The worm has to taste good to the fish, not the fisherman. Sometimes I have the impression it’s the other way around with us.” – Bernd Osterloh, head of the VW works’ council. Too...
Smart Phones / Dumb Owners

Smart Phones / Dumb Owners

We used to be smart people with dumb phones – now, it’s just the opposite! According to an telling article from The Washington Post, sixty-two percent of Americans now own a smartphone. Yet, millions...
Confusion As Marketing Weapon

Confusion As Marketing Weapon

Verizon creates confusion, AT&T pays the cost! The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, USA Today and other nationally distributed newspapers have enjoyed a watershed of advertising thanks to...
Purchase Paralysis

Purchase Paralysis

“We created too many variations on our Bowflex® home gyms, and it ended up confusing consumers. What happens when they have too many choices? They don’t make any decisions.” -Ron Arp, Nautilus,...
Think Like a Sperm: Six Lessons in Leadership from the Y Chromosome

Think Like a Sperm: Six Lessons in...

A witty and fresh perspective especially for women executives who keep running into the glass ceiling. Request the booklet here: Name* ...

Cutting the Cost of Confusion®

Transform Communications regards complexity as a significant business risk lurking inside every organization.

We ask a simple question: In what ways or in what areas of the organization can a lack of understanding have a negative impact on success?

We quantify the combined risk as the Cost of Confusion® and apply best practices in branding, marketing, information design and other professional disciplines to drive that cost to zero.

The results have delivered, literally, millions of dollars in bottom line benefits for our clients.

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Been There, Done That…

Capabilities, subject matter expertise and industry experience:

B2B Advertising
Branding & Identity
Change management
Communications audits
Corporate communications
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Employee benefits, orientation, training & recruiting
Government Affairs
High Technology Marcom
Information Technology
Investor Relations
Integrated Marketing
Knowledge management
Mergers & Acquisitions
Organizational Development
Project management processes, methods & tools
Risk Management
Stakeholder Engagement
Strategic Planning
Value chain & value delivery
Warehouse distribution and supply chain
Workforce development


Think Like a Sperm: Six Lessons in Leadership from the Y Chromosome